Back to Vienna

3 years ago we visited Vienna after Munich and we thought this city is quite affordable n liveable. This time, after being in Eastern Germany and Prague, we scrutinized this … Continue reading

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Bratislava, Slovakia

We initially planned a few days in Bratislava instead of Vienna. At the last minute we changed plans and headed to Vienna and make a day trip to Bratislava. We … Continue reading

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Gorlitz & Bad Schandau

Buy a Sachen Day ticke on DB. We paid 28euros for 2 pple so its a good deal. The train ride is quite scenic,along Elbe river. We stopped at Bad … Continue reading

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Dresden, Germany

Dresden is 1st place in Europe to start making porcelin in competition with China ! All the bars and eateries are around Neustadt. Kochbox… highly reviewed for their burgers… we … Continue reading

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Leipzig, Germany

Transportation companies in Germany does not provide or understand the concept of Customer Service.  They have a lot to learn from USA. Caught in highway traffic and missed our Flixbus … Continue reading

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Cafe Ada, Wuppertal

It is not an ordinary Cafe… It has a lot of history especially to the famous dancer Pina Bausch who created the company Tanztheater Wuppertal which performs internationally. Having seen and enjoyed the … Continue reading

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West Coast Swing & Tango in Warsaw !

Warsaw, the town of Chopin !!! The train ride from Lodz to Warsaw was comfortable.  I am glad I did not take the bus. Plagued by hunger, I made the … Continue reading

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Lodz, Poland

It was a super long and horrible bus ride from Berlin to Lodz.  After the chaos in the morning arriving in the wrong station, it kept raining and arrival was … Continue reading

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Sferracavallo in Palermo, Sicily

Italy is one of my top favourite places to visit and I was looking forward to this trip.  In order not to be distracted by the tango marathon, I planned … Continue reading

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Tango in Tijuana, Mexico

Combining dentist visit and adventure, we drove in from SD with our car ! We had some amazing tacos, especially Tacos El Frances which is ranked the top 3 places … Continue reading

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