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Parilla and Flan in Buenos Aires | 24 Matheu

We have been to many parilla including those that are highly reviewed in Palermo but this one is a real value for money. The interior is completely decorated with tango … Continue reading

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Pastries !!

As its our last Saturday in Buenos Aires, we decided we must have those home made Italian pastries. This time we tried the vanilla custard puff and they were sooooo … Continue reading

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Best coffee in Palermo

I am not kidding. It is not easy to find good real coffee in Buenos Aires. I used to have my own cafe with good baristas. I sampled countless cafes … Continue reading

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Almond croissants in Buenos Aires

I have a soft spot for almond croissants and after trying out a few places, I concluded that Sasha offers the best value and the biggest size croissants. I rank … Continue reading

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Gluten-free cakes | Ninina Bakery at Gorriti

We try to be as paleo as we can on our travels and it was not too diificult as the desserts in Argentina were way too sweet. However, a good … Continue reading

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Lambazouk workshops at Megazouk

It has been 2 years since I attended the Lambazouk Festival in Buenos Aires. 6 hours of workshops today to get those rusty bones working 🙂

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Media Lunas in Palermo | Buenos Aires

Most tango dancers, Argentinean or foreigners talk about the amazing Media Lunas at La Viruta which are served only after 3 or 4am in the morning.  Even though I am … Continue reading

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