City of Angels (WCS) Los Angeles

My 1st West Coast Swing event in USA ! Located in Sheraton LAX airport, the event was well organized. Unfortunately I was distracted by tango and was dancing tango every … Continue reading

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Albuquerque Tango Festival | New Mexico

Hoooray !! We are going on a road trip to New Mexico to discover one of the best tango festivals in USA. More info will be updated here 🙂

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Hiking in Las Vegas

Voted the best outdoor capital of USA by National Geographic, you will not be disappointed by the abundance of options ! Red Rock is just a 20 mins drive from … Continue reading

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Buffets in Las Vegas for locals

Dont we love buffets ?  We went to many buffets when we were in Las VEgas in 2012. Now that we are living here, we are exploring more local options. … Continue reading

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Argentine Tango in Las Vegas

The adjustment to Las Vegas without any good tango has been hard especially after having spent so much time in Europe and BsAs the last few years.  The community here … Continue reading

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Almond crossiant & coffee in Las Vegas

The pursuit of my favourite pastry continues in Las Vegas !  I was impressed with the quality of the coffee and almond crossiant served in Sambalatte at Boca Park.  I … Continue reading

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Salsa in Las Vegas

Slowly getting adjusted to our new life in Las Vegas. Who would have thought that I would be going back to salsa dancing so soon !! My 1st party at … Continue reading

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Personal Thoughts on Singapore General Election 2015

I was not very involved with politics even when I was in SG but being away from my country and looking at the election campaign from a distance, I feel … Continue reading

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Calm retreat in Bangkok

I came to Bangkok with a mission, to spend time to prepare for my upcoming Pilates Certification examinations and also to see my Mentor and Master Trainer.  Therefore, I deliberately … Continue reading

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Tango in Hong Kong

Its been many years since I visited Hong Kong and this time I wanted to try a local milonga, take workshop with Vanesa n Facundo and also to catch up … Continue reading

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