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West Coast Swing & Tango in Warsaw !

Warsaw, the town of Chopin !!! The train ride from Lodz to Warsaw was comfortable.  I am glad I did not take the bus. Plagued by hunger, I made the … Continue reading

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Tango in Tijuana, Mexico

Combining dentist visit and adventure, we drove in from SD with our car ! We had some amazing tacos, especially Tacos El Frances which is ranked the top 3 places … Continue reading

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Tango in Hong Kong

Its been many years since I visited Hong Kong and this time I wanted to try a local milonga, take workshop with Vanesa n Facundo and also to catch up … Continue reading

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Tango in Athens | Avoid during Easter !

After a very fun and intense road trip around Peloponnese, we were so excited to be back in Athens with good wifi and some dancing. Unfortunately we did not know that … Continue reading

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Outdoor milonga in Paris

We are very lucky to spend summer in Paris! Weather is beautiful and almost everyday there is an outdoor dance event with free classes and dancing. My favourite milongas in … Continue reading

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Milonga in Gennova, Italy

We were met with warm hospitality by our Serbian Italian connection who brought us to this special milonga she is organizing. There was a live band from Argentina and performances … Continue reading

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Tango in Torino

1st time in Torino and we really like this place. They said Tango started in Torino first before spreading to other Italian cities. We were in time for the celebration … Continue reading

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Gelato & Tango in Rome !

We really misbehaved throughout our 6 weeks vacation around Italy.  We found this gelato place at about 1am in the morning and guess what ? It was packed to the … Continue reading

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