Back to Vienna

3 years ago we visited Vienna after Munich and we thought this city is quite affordable n liveable.
This time, after being in Eastern Germany and Prague, we scrutinized this city again and realised we will not live here.  It has become expensive ! And lacks the liveliness that we experienced in Prague. Shops do close early here.  Service people are usually rude too. It has many immigrants and tourists but is dirty unlike Prague which has many tourists but mostly Czech population and few expats. We missed Impulztanz Vienna which starts on the day of our departure. Bad planning on our part !

This time we managed to rent bikes towards the end of our stay.  It was a very slow process to get registered.

Oberlaa was very highly reviewed for their cakes.  We went and their service was HORRIBLE. No one smiles. We refused to tip the waitress who served us coz she gave us a sour face throughout. Gluten free chocolate cake was good but nothing compared to the one we had in Prague !

We visited Vollpension cafe which has an interesting concept where food and cakes are prepared and served by Grandmas. They serve decent coffee, nice mohncake. Cafe has a cute interior decoration. Nice place to relax.

We tried Gelato Zanoni in the Old Town. It serves decent gelato at a reasonable price. Personally I still prefer Eissalon Lori. From the corner, there is Turks, a kebab place which has nice lamm kebab which surprised us with its reasonable price and good quality. Still the best kebab we have tasted in Vienna is Berlin Doner.  Strongly recommend this one !

A very tiny Cafe Vitrinc along Johann Strauss st serves very good pierogi! I think the owner is Polish.

If you have time, venture out to Brunnenmarkt. We love exploring the stalls.  You can find 2€ kebab (we did not try) and this time discovered very good Burek. Freshly made on the spot from one of the shops next to the market.

I have very little dancing while in Vienna. Generally the community for salsa and tango is rather huge in numbers but very fragmented and very low in level so go without expectations. Lots of outdoor dancing during the summer but many dancers are also away.

I checked out outdoor salsa at the beautiful Imperial Riding Hotel. Free entry but very expensive drinks.  Nice setup but very few dancers.  Seems like many people have headed to Bratislava for kizomba festival.  I left after dancing 1 song and headed to the free outdoor milonga at Burgmann. Lots of people. Its good for people watching.

On Sunday an outdoor milonga at Karlsplatz charges 8euros. Fewer people but decent music. We did not dance and left for a walk in old town.

On Tuesday, its milonga in Aux Gazelles which has a nice but small wooden dance floor. Vito from El Cachivache is DJing.

Milonga on Fridays might be the only best bet I heard.  Also, Wednesday practica at Tangolab. More info on

One night, while waiting for our tram number 1, we managed to watch the Euro Cup when Portugal scored it’s 1st goal after 2 hours of 0-0!

I managed to make it for West Coast Swing practica on Tuesday. It is in Somelikeithot dance studio. Small but friendly community and I really enjoyed it!


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