Bratislava, Slovakia

We initially planned a few days in Bratislava instead of Vienna. At the last minute we changed plans and headed to Vienna and make a day trip to Bratislava.

We traveled to Vienna Stadion to take the Regiojet coach bus. A fancy bus with assigned seating costing only 8€ return.  However, it became the worst bus experience we ever had.  The most unprofessional bus company we have ever encountered.

I bought a butter croissant from Anker, Vienna’s bakery. Not bad 🙂 Upon arrival in Bratislava, we went to Terno supermarket in the new Auburg shopping centre.

At the Old Town, we had Lavender n coconut gelato.  They claimed its all natural.  Lavender is a very interesting flavour. Next we explored Lidl and bought potato starch which was not available in any Lidl we have been to.

The most interesting thing I have seen was the Blue church.  Its very cute and I love the colour !  Thinking we had a lot of time, we rested on the green lawn near Danube.  We got the time wrong and missed the Regiojet bus.  We found internet and bought new tickets online. However the system only sent us the payment acknowledgement. The driver and assistant refused to let us board the bus unless we pay cash. No amount of explanation  worked so we paid again and told them we will use Wi-Fi on the bus to find proof. Of course we could show that we have the tickets !  However the assistant pressed the button on our screen to cancel our tickets !!!  Thats so wrong.  We have wrote in to complain and to get a refund but so far nothing. I doubt I will use Regiojet again unless they resolve this silly issue.


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