Gorlitz & Bad Schandau

Buy a Sachen Day ticke on DB. We paid 28euros for 2 pple so its a good deal.
The train ride is quite scenic,along Elbe river. We stopped at Bad Schandau as it’s connected by a bridge and we could walk. This area was revoked by UNESCO as they built a bridge.
We had a nice traditional mohncake along the way which prepared me for many hours of walking ahead!
We had a long but interesting almost 4 hr hike thru the forest (from train station n back). Some parts reminded me of Pinnacles as you have to climb up n down steep ladders.
We ran a little late as we had still to travel to Gorlitz.
Gorlitz is one of the few German town that was untouched by the wars and is well preserved. However upon arrival at the train station, u can see how rundown n underused it is. Lots of empty n abandoned hotels and shops along our walk towards the Altstadt. This little town feels very empty even though there are many hotels in the Altstadt. Its sad that so many cities in East Germany lacks a sizeable population to be sustainable. We crossed the bridge to the Polish town of Zgorzelec but there’s not much there


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