Dresden, Germany

Dresden is 1st place in Europe to start making porcelin in competition with China !

All the bars and eateries are around Neustadt. Kochbox… highly reviewed for their burgers… we tried but was not too impressed.  Long wait and the beef was frozen !

Dresden is very beautiful.  A lot of money was spent to rebuild it.  So many magnificient buildings.  Walk thru the Altstadt and then stop for rest at Edelwesis Swiss Restaurant which is in the center of the square.  It serves amazing pistacio chocolate and apple chocolate cakes !

We walked a lot. Dont miss the walk thru the Kunsthof Passage where artists added very nice decorations to the exterior of buildings.

Emil Heinmann is the local chain of bakery. I finally tried their croissant.  It was ok but I was not blown away.  Then we decided to buy one from Lidl just nxt door and guess what ! Lidl wins !

Visited the Pfund’s Cafe as it is famous for its interior completely made from porcelin. This cafe used to be a milk bar.  Very pretty interior.  I had to sneak a picture.

The Botanical Garden located right next to their Garten was ok. However the Garten looks very good but we could not cross over as it was fenced up from our side.  Dresden is much greener than Berlin !

We passed by the Volkswagen Tranparent Factory.  You were supposed to see how cards are made here by we missed the guided tour so we could only walk around the gallery areas.  Spent some time in the sphere looking at past advertisements.  If you like cars, you defnitely should take a look.  I miss my Beattle back home !

Bailamor Salsa is located in Neustadt about 20 mins walk from our apartment. They have salsa socials on Wednesday and Fridays and classes before that.

There is only Milonga on Thursday this week.  I think they just had their Iron Marathon last weekend.  We went to Milonga & Wein. Very nice space with wooden floor. Good mix of dancers of different ages but majority beginners.





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