Leipzig, Germany

Transportation companies in Germany does not provide or understand the concept of Customer Service.  They have a lot to learn from USA.

Caught in highway traffic and missed our Flixbus connection at Brunswick. We had to buy another train ticket in order to get to apartment spending another 48euros. In the end they did give us a voucher as compensation.  We missed the Monday milonga.

We had a very nice, new and modern apartment big enough for 4 pax ! There are Doner shops almosts every 50 meters !

We started the day walking to Brothers Cafe which served excellent espresso for only 1.40E. Halfway thru our breakfast, half a dozen policemen appeared and was questioning 2 very tatooed guys that were having coffee outside the cafe.

It was strange. All the policemen were young and very good looking. They should be magazine models! I nudged my other half to confirm if my eyes were playing tricks on me 🙂  Apparently there was a gang fight the night before and a guy was killed. Many police cars were in the area.

Leipzig has one of the largest train station in Europe by area space.  Famous composers like Bach worked here before so its a town which offers lots of music concerts.  We could not get cheap tickets to Wagner concert “The Ring” so we ended up at a buffet at Sushi & Nem. Our first double decker where hot stuffs were on top and cold ones at the bottom. We rate it 3 /5.  I think they used msg coz we were so thirsty after the meal. It was more curiosity than wisdom that drove us to eat 50 plates !

We walked a lot and visited the DDR museum (stasi).  Its a small town with lots of abandoned buildings and shops.




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