Cafe Ada, Wuppertal

It is not an ordinary Cafe… It has a lot of history especially to the famous dancer Pina Bausch who created the company Tanztheater Wuppertal which performs internationally. Having seen and enjoyed the movie a lot, I was excited to visit this tiny town.

Cafe Ada hosted tango classes & milongas for 20 years !  They have salsa too which I did not have a chance to try.  It has a beautiful wooden floor and they serve a decent espresso.

It was a nice Tango weekend at Welcome Friends in Cafe Ada.  There is a also a good Balkan Restaurant called NP Grill right opposite the Cafe. They serve really good lamp chops.

Wuppertal is very hilly. It was raining a lot during our stay in Wuppertal. It was also a long walk, almost 45 mins one way from our apartment in Barmen.  We improvised with plastic bags to cover our heads.  Even with taking buses, we need to walk more than 20 mins.  The park that we had to walk is actually quite nice when its not raining.  Nice drawings in some of the tunnels.

A very rude Germany policewoman shouted at us when we tried to cross the road with red light.

This apartment in Leipzig is one of the least liked apartments we have had on airbnb.  Badly equiped with poor hot water system and an unresponsive host.





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