West Coast Swing & Tango in Warsaw !

Warsaw, the town of Chopin !!! The train ride from Lodz to Warsaw was comfortable.  I am glad I did not take the bus.

Plagued by hunger, I made the mistake of trying this Du Za Mi Ha.  It was close to the Money Exchange where I had to change money.  Food in Warsaw is not cheap and the quality of this Viet place is barely 5/10.

Next, I went scouting for NIEBO along Nowy Swiat.  If only I was patient enough.  This street is filled with bars, cafes and restaurants on both sides.  I saw Warsaw Potato and I so wanted to eat but that Viet meal destroyed me.  I almost gave up looking for Niebo until I found internet.  I found Marta ( who will eventually be my WCS wikipedia in Europe) on FB and she is local wcs teachers in Warsaw.  A beautiful dancer.  She provided me with a lot of info on WCS in Europe.  Thank you Marta !

The Monday WCS place was supposed to be at Pomost 511 but was change to Niebo due to the weather.  Its much closer to my hostel so I was happy.  NIEBO is a pretty place with super high ceiling. Entry is free entry so I got myself a huge beer.  95% of the dancers are under 30 and its a growing community.  They were friendly and I was happy to dance a few songs and made some new friends.  A nice wrap up to my long n wet Monday.

I did not enjoy the presence of my other hostel mate who makes so much noise when she sleeps and when she is awake! Other than that, the hostel was pretty decent and cheap.

I had only Wednesday as a full day in Warsaw so I wasted no time. I walked the entire old Town which is close to Hostel Helvetia.  I had again beetroot soup and dumplings but this time at Zapicek which is a chain in Warsaw.  I had a list of other cafes that I wanted to try but my stomach was not agreeable to add more food.  I will save if for my next trip back to Warsaw.

A very kind tango dancer took me to a coffee place called Kawiarnia Filtry.  They serve cold coffee out from a tap like beer !!!  I have never had coffee like that and I rarely ever take coffee cold but this experience was really interesting.  The coffee is very refreshing.  It looks like I am having stout 🙂

Next we went to the Wed milonga at Antrakt.  Its a very tiny place which could barely take 6 couples.  Great music and friendly Organizer who dances with everyone including visitors. Definitely would recommend his milonga as he has a good sense of hospitality, great DJ and nice dancer.  There are not many dancers ( maybe around 20 or less) but all leaders dance nicely within the ronda.  I thoroughly enjoyed it !  A pity that milonga ends so early.  I had another beetroot soup, this time the cold one since its my last night in Warsaw.

On the way to the airport, something I saw on board the bus 175 to Warsaw airport tugged at my heart. Its a beautiful interaction between a couple. She is mute with a cleft lip n he is deaf with a hearing aid. They were communicating w each other w sign language n looking into each others’ eyes. Their body language n smiling expressions say so much. I can feel the flow of love n happiness between them. I have never felt this way watching/listening to a couple before. I was so fascinated. They look so happy.


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