Sferracavallo in Palermo, Sicily

Italy is one of my top favourite places to visit and I was looking forward to this trip.  In order not to be distracted by the tango marathon, I planned an earlier arrival in order to explore the city. The hotel Bellevue Hotel that we are staying offers really good espresso for breakfast ! An amazing view towards the sea 🙂 As the location of our hotel is quite far from the city centre, we need to travel 90 mins and changing 2 buses ( 628 and then 101) one way ! It was a cheap ride, around Euro1.40 but it was very congested and chaotic.

Navigation is not one of my strengths so as you can expect, the day was filled with adventures of getting lost despite having GPS and a map.  Despite the frustration, I was happy to see many interesting sights. The Quattro Canti, Piazza Pretoria, Teatro Maximo ( too expensive to take the guided tour), Duomo and some really grand and antique buildings along the way. We made it to Palazzo dei Normanni but did not see the Mosaic.  Everything here is chargeable and it cost at least Euro8 just to enter !

The Gesu Church made the deepest impression on me.  I cannot take my eyes off the incredible decorations inside.  You would never expect something so intricate and colourful until you step inside !

We ended the day loading up at Lidl.  We are ready with our food supplies during the Tango marathon !

The marathon started in the afternoon of Thursday.  By Saturday morning,  I was a zombie.  We had a day trip to Erice Village, cable car ride down to Trapani and then to the Salt Farms.  Image loading 80 dancers into 2 huge buses and trying to get them to follow the Tour Guide. Impossible !

On the way back, there was a major incident on the road and 3 fire engines were sent to put out a burning truck… We entertained everywhere by putting up a salsa & Chacarara flashmob.  It was so cool !  I skipped the night dancing as my back was hurting so much I could barely walk.

4 amazing days of non stop dancing.  One of the best marathons I have attended. I would certainly like to come back to this event ! Good level of dancing, friendly and not overly crowded. We had a good time and met some old friends too !


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