Buffets in Las Vegas for locals

Dont we love buffets ?  We went to many buffets when we were in Las VEgas in 2012. Now that we are living here, we are exploring more local options.

Our all time favourite at the moment is Makinos (Japanese sushi, sashimis etc). The buffet at Paris hotel is nice too and their desserts are not as sweet as some of the others we have tried.  However these are in the higher price range of over $30.

As a local, we get to apply for member cards so our journey for buffet exploration begins !

We have tried Eastside Cannery which offers good food for under $15.

Texas Station has great value for money and quality selection at a price range of around $12.

Suncoast has $7.99 buffets during special lunch hours and its a great bargain, especially after an intense workout !

Krazy Buffet is a recommended oriental option.  At less than $10 per person, you have a great selection of food.  Dont be surprised to see this place filled with Chinese 🙂

We will keep experimenting and updating the “approved” options here. Bear in mind we are predominately paleo and gluten free 🙂


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