Argentine Tango in Las Vegas

The adjustment to Las Vegas without any good tango has been hard especially after having spent so much time in Europe and BsAs the last few years.  The community here is very small. So far, the places we been to are The Crepe at Tivoli (Thursdays), Broadway Hall (Satursdays) and Villa Algarve (Mondays). Come without expectations 🙂 If you get one good tanda, its a good night !

In 2012 we attended the full program at the Red Carpet Tango Festival. This year we went to the Friday Milonga as a support for the Organizer. This festival offers an excellent selection of Maestros, great prices with hotel BUT dont expect anything from the dancing.  The attendance in 2012 was ok in terms of numbers but the level of dancing is dismal.  One of the worst dancing experience I have ever had after dancing in more than 50 cities.  This year, there are fewer attendees compared to 2012.  It was downright depressing, a real disaster seriously ! I would see it is more like a local Milonga than a festival as the number of attendees are really really small.  Poor quality dance floor ( you trip over al lthe metal strips, not the best quality dance floor that you expect from a hotel) and the setup of many large round tables makes it impossible for cabeceo.

As I am writing this, I am counting down to SF Tango Marathon. I am in desperate need for a tango fix !


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