Salsa in Las Vegas

Slowly getting adjusted to our new life in Las Vegas. Who would have thought that I would be going back to salsa dancing so soon !! My 1st party at this monthly event at Rhythm Kitchen was a blast… nice square dance floor with good music… the atmosphere was a little too dark for me but overall I had an amazing dance night ūüôā ¬†Entry is $10 without a drink. ¬†Of course there is free outdoor dancing at Tivoli Village on Wednesdays which is only 2 mins from our house. ¬†There is occasional studio socials which I have not enjoyed so far. ¬†Sienna on some Saturdays are really good too if there are no other salsa parties.

The dance floor at Gold Coast Hotel is the best.  Nice wooden dance floor. The best night is Saturday, provided there are no special salsa events somewere.  Look out for the better band that is playing as it attracts different crowd.

Firefly offers good food but the sloping concrete dance floor deters most dancers.

Sometimes there are events at Artfice. Moderate size wooden dance floor.  Again, its a hit or miss !

Its predominately an On1 scene here but I have met some nice On2 dancers so its a nice mix !


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