Personal Thoughts on Singapore General Election 2015

I was not very involved with politics even when I was in SG but being away from my country and looking at the election campaign from a distance, I feel more than ever that there should be a change in the way SG politics has been going on for this past 2 decades. I am unable to vote as we recently moved out of Singapore due to rising costs and declining quality of life. I cant cast my vote in this GE ( I missed the deadline for overseas voting) but I feel very connected to my country and fellow Singaporeans, hence this long post.

Running a country is like running a company. When there is only ONE company providing a service without any competition, there is no motivation to keep improving and over time, customers get frustrated with the lack of customer service and declining product quality. Competition sparks vigilance and creativity and forces the company to listen to their customers and constantly come up with improvements to beat competition !

Yes, SG has done very well in comparison to our neighbours but should we be contented with just that ? Unlike our parents’ generation (they had a very different environment and education), we now have more opportunities, and thus we need to make an informed choice not only for ourselves but for our children too. We should not be shy to voice our opinions, exercise our choice, to shop for best solutions!

I am tired of always being reminded of the past, of what the LKY generation has done. It is time to look forward with confidence, to envision what else we want from ourselves and our country in the future. Yes, LKY’s generation did a lot for SG. Even today, SG is not badly run at all and has decent governance. Most things work. I think our govt is honest. BUT it lacks transparency. And it lacks understanding of the common people and their concerns. Do you like to buy stocks in companies that are not transparent in their reporting? Those who do not show much respect for their customers?

Irregardless of their competence. I admire all opposition parties who dare to risk their financial health and reputation. It takes a lot of courage and there are many side effects that they have to deal with post-election. The current party does not need to deal with that. Most of these “talents” were groomed and carefully selected over a long period of time and planted into government positions. They are already in “The System”. They might wish well for SG but the issue is in HOW they devise and implement their policies.

For instance, having more population is NOT necessarily a bad thing ! Bigger population can support expansion plans for infrastructure and bring economies of scale. After all, we don’t have any natural resources and we are a tiny island. However, the issue here is the implementation. Our infrastructure did not keep up and everything went haywire. Poor planning and that costs a lot of money ( much more than the amount Alj GRC lost !!!)

We know that there are not always easy and immediate solution to our existing problems and no solution can make EVERYONE happy. But without a strong opposition, free media and the public’s space to voice different opinions and concerns, there can be no guarantee that the solution offered by any party in power can benefit Singaporeans’ in all their diversity.

Democracy and trust need time to nourish. There will be mistakes ( were there no mistakes in LKY’s time ?) There will be hiccups along the way. If we want improvements, we must be prepared to take calculated risks. Vote wisely my Singaporeans !

“There can be no great accomplishment without risk” Neil A.


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