Tango in Lisbon | Portugal

I was initially considering Freiburg or Berlin after Hamburg but this festival popped up on Facebook so I decided to check it out since I have never been to Portugal !

Lisbon is a cute city with lots of sloppy hills and stones so you can imagine my effort walking with my still swollen feet and dragging a 20 kg lugg.  I am glad I did not loose any wheels.

I have stayed in hostels less than 10 times in my life so I am glad this hostel (alfama patio hostel) turned out to be far better and cuter than any I have stayed before !  I actually like this hostel !

After such a great marathon in Hamburg, the dancing in Lisbon festival was somewhat disappointing but I really enjoyed the fabulous performances for the 5 couples.  I ended up sightseeing more than dancing !

I took a ride on the old tram, visited Belem and ate its famous portugese tarts at Passteis de Belem.  I even got a free entry into the archaelogy museum as its free on the 1st Sunday of the month 🙂

I definitely want to return to Portugal but with my other half !


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