Tangojam Hamburg Marathon | Hamburg

Beautiful city, slightly cheaper than Munich. An efficient bike rental system which gives the 1st 30 mins free.  I noticed that people in this German city are friendly and open. I spent the first 3 days dancing my heart away at one of the best organized and friendly marathon ! GOOOD food, friendly and high level dancing in a pretty venue with wooden floors.  I strongly recommend this marathon 🙂 The best birthday present my other half has given me 🙂

We extended our stay after the marathon to recover from exhaustion and to visit this pretty city.  With its many lakes and rivers running through the city, Hamburg is a popular destination.  Get a day transport card and use the Ferry 62. We stopped at a few different places along the way for a walk.

On Tuesday we went to a small milonga at Universo studio. It was the 1st tango studio in Hamburg and started around 1990s.

Wednesdays, check out Bar Nouar for salsa which is located in a very cool area.  Do not miss visiting the street Schulterblatt, lined with Bars !

Popular milonga on Thursday at TangoMatrix.  Both places have slippery flooring so suede shoes are recommended !


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