We love LIDL | Greece

So why does LIDL deserve a post on my blog ? It is our favourite supermarket as it offers the lowest prices for everything we need ( in all countries that we visit). To cut the long story short.  We were given 2 horrible cars by the same rental agency SURPRISE ( broken bumps, mirrors, no proper spare tyre etc etc) on our planned 18 day road trip.  Unprofessional, no proper papers, insurance, safety etc etc. Our 1st bad experience in our more than a decade of travelling.  Everything was falling apart and tyres were all worn out and old.  We had 2 punctured tyres on both cars ( in the car we drove the 1st car back to insist on an exchange ( the bumper was falling off and we could no longer drive the car beyond 50 km/hr)

And then one of the plate covering the tyre got stolen.  Of course its super expensive to replace them and all the shops we visited sell only the more common 14″ size.  We were running out of time and it was getting late. With Easter starting tomorrow, all shops will be closed. In the end LIDL came to our rescue ! After a lot of driving and searching, we finally found a LIDL that sells these special 15″.

Happy that we solved the problem, we rewarded ourselves by stocking up with grocery. As we were packing everything into our already very full car and fixing the plate, we forgot that we left a kg of apples on the roof of our car !  We laughed so hard when a passing car stopped us and shouted in Greek that there are apples on our roof!



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